In ancient times, horses were the only means of rapid mobility, assisting human kind to explore the horizon and conquer faraway lands, carrying goods and conveying information swiftly from one place to another. Horse was thus an important means in promoting the spread of civilization and social development. Many civilizations hold the horse in the highest esteem, such as the Chinese culture, which believes the Horse to bring business
success as in the proverb “Ma Dao Cheng Gong.”

For the above significant meaning, Nan Mee has adopted “HORSE” as its brand of stationery, arts and office supplies products since 1971 with the following mission in mind of every Nan Mee staffs:

HORSE strives to produce high-quality stationery and office supplies at reasonable prices by operating efficiently as a resourceful, responsible and ethical manufacturer to satisfy all stakeholders in an economical and ecological process.

H High Quality Products
O Operational Efficiency for High Productivity
R Resourceful Manufacturer through Research & Development
S Satisfied Stakeholders, that includes End Users, Customers, Employees and Society at large
E Ethical, Economical and Ecological

Today, Nan Mee is a proud member of the society in catering our “HORSE” brand products to the needs of students, offices and artists worldwide, providing them with effective means in idea generation and value creation in their daily lives.